mandag 15. oktober 2012

Building thoughtforms

This is an every day magic lesson. You can build a thought form and send it on your way or build one that stays in your own place or home to work for you permanently.

Basic thoughtform energy raising can be a quick thing that you must formulate at a whim and send it away to do its business. They are very effective, like a cuzz on someone, so be careful. Simple magick often works most effectively.

The protection of a home, office or status is a type of permanent thoughtform. One can do it every day using a quickie chant to program it with more energy. You can even put it somewhere specific and bring it with you.

You can send it into a ball. Talk to it like a friend make sure it
knows you. A thoughtform can take a life of a critter or watchdog.
If its programmed to protect your house they're going to make people want to get out and away from your place. If someone new is coming inside your house, show the thoughtform a picture of that person or just tell it about them first, and that it is ok.

If not the person might feel very uncomfortable in your home and want to leave.

You can tell your thoughtform to work a little harder to get more money this year. The thoughtform really does exist, its not just an exercise. Everything can be used for good or evil. If you have love and pure intention the thoughtforms you create are going to be nice. 

Be nice.

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