onsdag 17. oktober 2012


Aliens are not from other planets. They are interdimensional beings used as tools for the higher evil beings that exist around our dimension. I believe the greys are hominoidal type beings. They are a mixture of genes that compose biological entities that have been manufactured by the higher realms to pass between dimensions. The watcher overlords have been creating these beings from the abductions and are in fact hybridization projects that started a long time ago.

These alien beings can function in our reality much better than the larger beings, the demons that exists in much lower vibrational fields than ours. They are bi-dimensional in that they can make their vibrations match better with our reality. These entities can cross densities and go in and out of our world. They know the mechanics of creation and they use these entities as incarnational opportunities. They are not a creation that God has allowed or intended. They are the creations of the Fallen Angels that allow them to act as portals into our world.

It is fair to conclude from thousands of witnesses and obductions that hybridization is part of the picture. People are being abducted against their will. The forces seem to be conducting genetic experimentation and acting on us to create something else. They have been here all along, and they are never far away from this reality. The alien plan if you will is in its purest sense, stalking of human beings.

The whole purpose of this is not understood by me or anyone else at this point. It could be to create a vibrational prison for us, scoop us away to their farm, and artificially control our environments to ensure predictable behavior. It is surely a terror regime, but they figure it's better than giving us up to The Creator. I believe in the age old battle between God and the Fallen ones, and this is a part of it. But they cannot let humanity know of it, because then the veil would've been lifted and the demonic plan is lost.  Do they think they can trick God by doing this? I don't know their entire plan but it looks like they are trying. God gave the world to Satan after the war in Heaven, and all the demons were cast down to earth. It is described in the bible, if anyone would just care to read it. I don't think it was just a symbolical verse, but a real fight in heaven because Lucifer wanted Gods glory and is definetely not giving his world domination up easily.

The War in Heaven :Revelation 12

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